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WACK 90.1fm is a culture, krazy radio station broadcasting from the twin Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago which was launched in 2008. Its total local content draws a vast cross section of listeners from all walks of life. Additionally, the station has evolved over the years to the live coverage of cultural events, its daily stream of in-studio programmes, broadcast of calypso, soca and steelband events and music, as well as it own live concert series. 


WACK 90.1fm is positioned with heightened visibility amongst all potential customers and partners as well as its  arge global and diasporic fan base. With WACK 90.1fm all our sponsors, advertisers and listeners can gain added value based due to the very nature of our listeners , followers and its two fan clubs WACK T&T and WACK USA.


This website is also a collaboration between WACK 90.1fm staff and TIZIQ.com founders, Sheldon Monderoy and co-founder Duane Hinkson, of  Blue Guruz who are also the pioneers behind FundMeTnT , the Trinidad based crowdfunding platform which has helped raise almost $8,000,000.00 for a variety of campaigns since its inception at the end of 2018.



Interested in promoting your business/event with the culture crazy radio station's website, Facebook or YouTube page... kindly email wack901fm@gmail.com or call 868-652-9774 during 8am - 4pm EST for further information.


Live Broadcasts

We also offer free broadcasts and Pay-per-view coverage of several live events which showcases Trinidad and Tobago's culture to the world from. For technical assistance before and during live shows email wack901fm@gmail.com for assistance.



Any donation, however big or small will thoroughly help us keep the stream running and free. Donate here.