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I AM LION THE CONCERT PAY PER VIEW US 20 NOVEMBER 20TH, 6:00PM NAPARIMA BOWL AMPHITHEATER, SAN FERNANDO Early Birds Tickets Are LIVE Adults $200 Kids $100 Calypso â Soca â Panâ Artâ Fashionâ Amazing Cast â Surprises â Door Prizes â The Lion Herself â I Am Lion the Concert is about to be phenomenal! A blend of Calypso and Soca like youâve never seen! Get your early bird tickets now! Devbarbershopcrew ? 681-5805 WACK 90.1 FM Radio Coffee street ?652-9774 Leera Styles, Arlenes Mall POS ? 624-2325 Lons Fashions, Barataria ? 674-5667 Or Call 735-8921 for tickets and more info